Meet The Team

IMG jean

Jean Bulda

Jean is one of the staff at Innate Chiropractic and Children Wellness. In the past four years that she has been working here, she has seen substantial growth in her willingness to be open to other people. Chiropractic care has helped her be more aware of her health and posture. She hopes to continue to grow with this practice, helping and welcoming patients.

IMG E5030 1 Tatum Santos

Tatum is the newest member of the Innate Chiropractic and Children Wellness staff who shares a passion for healthcare and wellness. She has witnessed the life changing capabilities of chiropractic care throughout the lives of her family members, and has since made it a goal to learn more about the holistic approach to healthcare to one day pursue a career in medicine. She is a mom of two dogs, and on her free time enjoys doing outdoor activities with them, as well as traveling to new places she's never been.