Nutrition and Whole Food Supplementation

A growing number of Americans are consuming increasing amounts chemically processed foods. This has resulted in an American obesity epidemic. The irony is that our nation is starving at a cellular level. We are not consuming enough of the micronutrients necessary to support proper cell function. Whole food supplementation is becoming more and more necessary as unsustainable farming methods strip vital nutrients from the soil. This results in supermarket produce that is not as healthy as it was in 1950. This is due to many factors such as nutrient deficiency, poisonous chemicals and genetic modification in our food. Standard Process® has been dedicated in providing quality whole food supplements since 1929. At Innate Chiropractic and Children Wellness, we utilize Standard Process® supplements and nutritional protocols. Ask us about how you can improve your function with whole food supplementation.

Please follow the link below to learn more about the benefits of supplementation from the Standard Process® website.

https://www.standardprocess.com/About-Us/Quality#.VQsTlI7F-cU *

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